Nothing Happens When I Do Reverse ASIN Searches

Q: I've been trying to do Reverse ASIN searches all day and the page goes back to the home page but nothing happens. The searches are not performed but there's no error message. I also noticed that none of the searches were done and no credits were deducted.


A: Usually, the reason why your searches are not going through (or nothing's happening) is because the search data for your ASIN/s haven't expired (and you can find them in the "Completed" section).

Go to the "Completed" section of your search history and look for your ASIN/s. If it's there and it shows that the search data hasn't expired yet, you can just click on it or download the report to CSV to get refreshed data. Also, no credits will be deducted if you're just getting/viewing refreshed data of ASIN searches that haven't expired.

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