What do I do with the keywords that I get from your Tool?

With the Extensive Search Option, you get a List of Keywords Ranked from Best to Worst for the products similar to the ASIN you supplied. What you do with it is use those keywords to create a keyword rich title and keyword rich search terms. Make sure to use a word only once ( you don't need to put the same keyword into multiple spots). You can use the ranked words column to make sure you put the best keywords from the top of the list into the Title. Make sure to either only add the popular brands into the search terms field.

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    I am trying to understand the "Best Keyword Rank". So is the Best Keyword (#1) is the one that is most likely gonna convert to a sale? I am seeing that they are somehow sorted according to the "Estimated Amazon Current Search Volume". Is the "Best Keyword Rank" just a sorting of the keywords that resulted in a session (not a sale) and sorted depending on Amazon Volume? Does is have any value w.r.t. convergence?

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    Best Keyword rank is based on a variety of factors, but shouldn't be seen as completely authoritative.  It's there to help assist you in deciding what keywords to target first.  The only real way to validate and test conversion rates from a keyword is to do a sponsored ad campaign.  It would be impossible to be 100% accurate with what keyword would work best for your product since we don't know what your product is.  Use it as a guide to speed up your research process.

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